When it's time to attach something to concrete, it can be a challenging endeavor for several reasons. Concrete is:

  • Difficult to drill into
  • Prone to cracking
  • Rock hard

But with the right materials and tools—and concrete anchor installation—it can be done both safely and efficiently. Even materials like framing members and deck ledger boards can be attached to concrete in minutes with concrete anchors. What are these seemingly miraculous pieces of hardware?

Embedded into concrete to fix something in place, concrete anchors are steel fasteners that allow the concrete to carry the load. There are several types of concrete anchors used today. Depending on the job you're doing and more, some will be better suited than others. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about learning how to install concrete anchors.

Types of Concrete Anchors

Below, you'll see the instructions for installing anchors in concrete. The following anchors will be discussed:

  • Sleeve anchors
  • Wedge anchors
  • Drop-in anchors

Installing Anchors in Concrete

Sleeve Anchors:

  • Drill the hole you need in the concrete (a hammer drill works well here) and clear the hole of debris (use a shop vac).
  • Into the item you're going to attach, through a pre-made hole, push the sleeve anchor. Then, into the concrete hole you just drilled, insert the anchor.
  • Use a hammer to tap the anchor into place.
  • On the end of the exposed bolt, place the washer and nut and turn the nut clockwise. This expands the anchor’s bottom.

Wedge Anchors:

  • Drill the hole you need and clear the hole of debris.
  • Into the predrilled hole, fit the anchor’s wedge end.
  • Use a hammer to pound the wedge anchor into the hole. With the top of the concrete, the bottom of the threads should be flush.
  • In the fixture you're going to attach, place a hole over the anchor bolts. Place the nut and washer on the anchor’s threaded end.
  • Turn the nut clockwise with an open-end wrench until it tightens against the washer. The anchor is held in place by the expanding wedge.

Drop-In anchors:

  • Drill the hole you need and clear the hole of debris.
  • Slit end first, drop the threaded female sleeve in the hole.
  • Into the sleeve, put the narrow set tool end.
  • Use a hammer to tap the set tool top until the sleeve is in place.
  • Finally, to the sleeve, add the washer and threaded bolt. Turn the bolt clockwise with a wrench until it sets firmly.

Concrete anchor installation is a dependable way to attach things to concrete securely and safely. But where do you find the most dependable tools and accessories for the job? Read on.

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