This item will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer.

Processing and fulfillment times are subject to manufacturer availability. If there are any delays, you will be contacted by us with a more accurate delivery timeframe.


It is important to assess the product being shipped against your location and  material-handling capabilities.

Please be aware that your location needs to be prepared to properly handle and sign for freight shipments. You need to have access to a dock location, a forklift or the ability to unload the product from the freight carrier's trailer.

If your location does not have a traditional loading dock or forklift to unload your LTL freight out of the trailer, a Lift gate service will be required. There will be an additional charge of $100 to $200 dollars for the service. Sometimes it can be more or less. It varies by carrier and even by market with different carriers. It often depends on the supply and demand of lift gate equipped trucks in your area.

If a shipment is too heavy or the footprint (i.e., panel saws, metalworking lathes, mill/drills) is too large to ship via small parcel carrier (USPS, UPS or FedEx), it is shipped via a freight carrier. Freight shipments are considered tail gate deliveries, meaning that the driver is only responsible for moving the shipment to the rear of the trailer and will not assist with unloading.

For non-commercial deliveries, the freight carrier will contact you to schedule a delivery window and confirm if lift gate services are required. If lift gate service is requested, the driver is responsible for lowering the product to the ground during delivery. Freight shipments delivered to a residential location are considered curb side deliveries, meaning the driver will make the delivery in the street at the end of the customer’s driveway. Freight Carriers are not required to enter driveways to make residential deliveries due to liability and safety issues.

Although most deliveries go smoothly, sometimes there are exceptions beyond  our control. Machines weighing over 2,000 pounds, bulky and oversized machines with a large footprint may not be able to be delivered via a lift gate for risk of injury or damage to the machine. There are also inaccessible remote, residential or high density urban areas that freight carriers cannot safely access. If encountered, such shipments are available for dock delivery or will be required to be picked up from the carrier’s terminal.

If you have any questions about freight delivery options, contact us at