4 x 4 Vs. 6 x 6 Deck Post: Which To Use?

In areas of the world where the weather is beautiful for a considerable portion of the year, decks and porches are extremely popular. People love to lounge on their decks on a sunny afternoon, sipping a glass of their favorite beverage over ice. Family and friends gather together in the evening to share stories, laugh, and simply enjoy life on their porch.

Of course, before any of that can happen, a sturdy deck or porch built on a dependable framework will need to be constructed. To build the porch of your dreams, you'll need specific types of materials.

Whether you're making a backyard deck, a porch, or working on some similar type of installation, you'll come across the topic of deck posts. You may be wondering, "Should I use 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 deck posts?"

The information below will include an examination of the following: 4 x 4 vs. 6 x 6 deck post. This may help you make your decision about which to use.

Deck Size

Smaller post sizes may be appropriate if your deck is going to be constructed near the ground. However, you'll want to go with something more substantial if your deck is going to be built at a height of several feet off the ground or more. Check the building codes in your area as well.

The Weather

If your area experiences ice and snow during the winter months, this could help make your decision as to which post will better suit your needs. Depending on the overall outside air temperature and the pitch of your roof, during those long winter months, you may end up with a lot of snow and ice buildup on your porch. The roof of your porch will be considerably weighed down by this. It may not hold up well if you depend on 4 x 4 posts. You don't want to experience porch buckling under any circumstances.


If you use the smaller post (the 4 x 4 post), you're also dealing with a smaller area for notching the board for rim joists, headers, and other items. When all is said and done, you have far more room to deal with on a 6 x 6 post.


You won't get much help here when it comes to using it to make a decision. There is a relatively small cost difference between the two types of deck posts. The tiny bit of savings you might enjoy with a post size that is smaller should be outweighed by the security you add by using the larger post.

What's Appropriate for the Job?

There are a handful of circumstances that could require the minimum 4 x 4 deck post. More likely than not, however, for your deck, you will go with the 6 x 6 post. For larger decks, it provides more stability. There's more room for notching, and the ability to hold a heavier load is offered, as well.

Since there is a minimal price difference between the two, it's clear that the 6 x 6 post is the choice of many.

Hopefully, this has assisted you in your decision as to whether to use 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 posts for your porch or deck applications.

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