7 Types Of Concrete Anchors Used In Building Construction

If you find it hard to insert fasteners directly into a wall made from concrete or some other hard surface, you may opt to insert anchors before securing the screws. But for your next project, which types of masonry and/or concrete anchors will be best for your purposes? Is there more than one kind of concrete anchor?

You might be surprised by how many types of concrete anchors there are. Depending on the job you're doing, some are more appropriate than others. The following is an examination of masonry and concrete anchor types.

Masonry vs. Concrete

Buildings can be made from masonry, concrete, and other materials. When it comes to masonry and concrete, what's the difference?

  • Masonry: A building constructed from masonry is fabricated in concrete block, brick, clay, or stone. The word “masonry” can also refer to brick, stone, and other building units.
  • Concrete: The construction material referred to as concrete consists of pebbles, conglomerate gravel, slag, or broken stone in a cement or mortar matrix.

Those not involved in construction frequently refer to them as one and the same. They are not.

Load Types and Capacity

Upon any object, there are different directions and types of force, resulting in different load types. The load type must be considered when choosing concrete anchors, as well as the load capacity that can be borne by the anchor. Consider the object you are hanging. Compare the anchor load capacity and type directly to the potential movement and weight of the object.

There are several classifications when it comes to anchors, which are as follows:

  • Heavy-duty: good for wall hangings and structural needs over 200 pounds
  • Medium-duty: appropriate for wall hangings weighing 200 pounds or less
  • Light-duty: can be used for wall hangings weighing 50 pounds or less

What Are the Best Anchors for Concrete?

There are many types of concrete and/or masonry anchors, including the following:

  • Ribbed plastic anchors (light-duty)
  • Wedge anchors (heavy-duty)
  • Toggle bolts (light to medium-duty)
  • Sleeve anchors (medium-duty)
  • Plastic wall plugs (light-duty)
  • Lag shields (medium-duty)
  • Concrete screws (medium-duty)

Depending on whom you talk to, the best anchors for concrete should include sleeve anchors and wedge anchors. Both hold a great amount of weight and are perfect for concrete and masonry.

What Are the Strongest Concrete Anchors?

One of the strongest concrete anchors available is the wedge anchor. They come in several different lengths and nine different diameters. The larger the anchor, the more holding power it offers.  They also come in several different materials, so that you can use them either with or without a corrosion possibility,

Need Concrete Anchors You Can Depend On?

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